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Your custom branded DROP guitar strap adjuster

Your custom branded DROP guitar strap adjuster

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Solo artist? Killer band? just want to spice it up?

the Custom branded DROP is for you!

the same fantastic Strap adjuster with your Graphics / Logo is the perfect way to get your look on stage to the max.

please send your artwork to with your order number and we are on it.

artwork takes 12 days to print and then it's shipping time!

once it's out for shipping you will receive an email with the tracking number 


 performing live music is the peak of your day, on stage or in the rehearsal room, we believe that you perform at your best when you are comfortable, the DROP patented mechanism is responsible for changing the guitar position on your body, with a simple press of a button, while you are playing, with perfect control and seamless look.

Playing technical solos or groovy parts calls for a different tool kit to be executed perfectly...

Upgrade your gear now.

*keep in mind that the DROP fits all guitars, all straps, and all strap locks, only the Dimarzio cliplock has to be connected with the adaptor


the DROP is made out of Super durable plastic with 10% Fiber glass reinforcment to make is super tough, so it can handle almost anything.


160mm X 25 mm

leather thickness : 3 mm


the DROP is designed to carry weigh of an electric guitar (3-4 KG) , it can handle up to 100 KG/ 220 LBS

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