Our Story

Made By Self Experience

John Amos , Born in 1980.

CEO and Founder

As a Guitarist / Bassist for the last two and a half decades, i played a lot of different styles and different guitars on stage, and never could find the perfect strap length for all riffs and solos... thats why DROP was born.

  • Backed by a Shark On Shark Tank

    DROP was first shown as a prototype on the Israeli Shark Tank Show and was backed by Oren Dubronsky.

  • Fits All Your Gear

    DROP was designed to fit all your gear , all guitars , all straps and all strap locks perfectly!

  • Any Position You Need

    the DROP Patented mechanism designed to get your guitar to any height with a simple easy push of a button. its also designed to hold the guitar weight for you so you can adjust it as if your guitar doesn't weight.

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