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The idea first arose some 20 years ago when DROP's founder was practicing with his band and found himself struggling with the position of his guitar. 

He always preferred the look of a long strap and low-hanging guitar but also felt the need to keep his instrument close so that he could play with comfort. He found himself compromising by keeping the guitar somewhere in the middle, getting neither the look he wanted or the comfort he needed. 

Every time his solo came up, he found himself straining to reach the note he needed to hit with accuracy at the very top of his guitar's neck, thinking repeatedly, "Am I going to reach? I hope I don't miss it." He didn't, but he did realize that he was more focused on these nagging worries than on the music, and how is that right?

After talking it over with his bandmates they realized: there's no need to suffer or compromise - they would just have to invent the right product that would give every guitarist the freedom they need.