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The DROP is a patented guitar strap adjuster that allows you to explore music beyond the limits of the ordinary strap.

Fits left and right

Fits all straplocks

Fits all guitars

Fits all straps

Take your Guitar experience ro the extreme

Never compromising your Comfort as a musician again!!!

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What PRO musicians think?

What Guitarist and Bassists Are Saying

I never thought of the position I hold my guitar as a compromise, up until now. Now I can make better choices on the spot .

Josh cohen, lead guitar player for 12 years

Nobody has any idea how much I’ve struggled with my strap up till now. My life has suddenly become a whole lot easier.

Nati Sela, guitar player for 20 years

Drop is surprisingly easy and comfortable to use, and it opens loads of options of playing bass I never dreamed were possible!

Tal Raveh - professional bass player for 16 years

You feel like you actually have complete control of your instrument. Just awesome.

Shahar Yair, guitar player for 7 years

Wow, it was incredible! My first play was so easy and comfortable! It changes the whole art of playing guitar! Don't understand how they didn't invent it before

Dan, guitar player and bass player for 12 years