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DROP + The Cliplock adaptor

DROP + The Cliplock adaptor

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Using a clip-lock style strap (Dimarzio and others)? no worries, we got you covered.

The DROPs clip-lock connector will attach your DROP to your favorite strap to have the perfect experience, versatility of guitar positions at the tip of your figures while fully secure with clip-lock straps.

Available only in black. 

This Product Does not include a strap, only DROP and the adaptor.




the DROP is made out of Super durable plastic with 10% Fiber glass reinforcment to make is super tough, so it can handle almost anything.


160mm X 25 mm

leather thickness : 3 mm


the DROP is designed to carry weigh of an electric guitar (3-4 KG) , it can handle up to 100 KG/ 220 LBS

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