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The Cliplock adaptor

The Cliplock adaptor

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Using a clip-lock style strap? no worries, we got you covered.

The DROPs clip-lock connector will attach your DROP to your favorite strap to have the perfect experience, versatility of guitar positions at the tip of your figures while fully secure with clip-lock straps.

Available only in black. 

This Product Does not include a DROP strap adjuster- Only an adaptor!


the DROP is made out of Super durable plastic with 10% Fiber glass reinforcment to make is super tough, so it can handle almost anything.


Button :160mm X 25 mm

leather thickness : 3 mm


the DROP is designed to carry weigh of an electric guitar (3-4 KG) , it can handle up to 100 KG/ 220 LBS.

dont try to snap it close with no strap attached to the DROPs wire, the wire is snapping in very quick and we dont want you to hurt your fingers.

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