Take your playing abilities to the next level

By adjusting the guitar position on your body while playing, you can take advantage of each fretting technique. Play all technical parts with the guitar as high and close to your body as you need, and let it loose for the groovy and heavy parts so you can give the audience the show they payed for!

Holds up to 100KG

We know the value of a Guitar, not only in $ but the santimental value, and we also know how thin the DROP wire is... No Worries , it can hold the weight of 30 guitars ,
just to be on the safe side

DROP Connects to any strap

DROP is a Mechanism that connects on one side to any strap ** and to any guitar on the other end, it also fits all strap locks in the market.

Click here For Dimarzio Cliplock Adaptor!

The Story Of DROP

DROP on Shark Tank

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